We are the Kalamazoo River Cleanup Coalition, or KRCC. We grew out of the grassroots efforts of area citizens who stopped the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from dumping PCB-laden river sediment near schools, homes and drinking wells in Kalamazoo. We intend to harness the energy and political will generated by this successful fight to power future successful actions in other communities. Our ultimate goal is to ensure proper removal and disposal of PCB’s that are in the Portage Creek and Kalamazoo River.

What are PCB’s?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has stated that PCB’s are a proven cause of reproductive and neurological disorders in humans and animals, and a suspected cause of cancer.

Where are PCB’s?

Thousands of pounds of PCB’s are in the riverbed, banks and impoundment areas in what is officially known as the Allied Paper, Inc./Portage Creek/Kalamazoo River Superfund site, a roughly 80-mile stretch of water from the Morrow Dam in Comstock to where the River empties into Lake Michigan at Saugatuck.

What can you do?

Help us make the Creek and River, and the land that borders them, safe for humans and animals, safe for recreation and commercial development. Join our effort in any way you can: serve on a working committee, write your elected and appointed officials, make a modest financial donation, educate yourself and others on the issues.

What will we do?

Our tasks include working with EPA and others to help forge plans to properly remove and dispose of PCB waste from sites along the Kalamazoo River. For example, we want the EPA to issue a Record of Decision for the Allied site that is just and can be promptly implemented. And we want to ensure that PCB material removed from the Plainwell Dam and other sites is properly disposed of in licensed facilities. KRCC intends to work closely with: state and federal agencies involved in the cleanup; local units of government within the Superfund area of concern; area residents affected by the PCB contamination and cleanup; all environmental and outdoor groups active in the Kalamazoo River watershed; and anyone interested in the safe recreational and commercial use of the River.

We expect…

a successful solution for the Allied Site, one that is perceived as just by the community. We then want to build on this achievement and help forge satisfactory resolutions at other sites downstream.

Yard Signs!

Yard signs now available at Goodwill, 420 E. Alcott, or email glwager@gmail.com or call 382-0490, ext 271 M-F 10am - 5pm. M-F. CONTACT US

Portage Creek TCRA

$16 M Portage Creek cleanup completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Contact EPA Community Involvement Coordinator: Patti Krause


PCB Superfund Site

For more information on the Allied Paper Inc. / Portage Creek / Kalamazoo River superfund site...